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On 8 July 2021, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (the EEA EFTA States) and the United Kingdom (UK) signed a comprehensive free trade agreement. Switzerland earlier concluded a bilateral free trade agreement with the UK.

Find the UK-EEA EFTA Separation Agreement here.

Read a 13-page explainer of the Separation Agreement here.

The EEA EFTA-UK agreement covers the full range of trade in goods, services and investment, digital trade, capital movements, government procurement, intellectual property, competition, subsidies, small and medium sized enterprises, good regulatory practices and regulatory cooperation, recognition of professional qualifications, trade and sustainable development. It also encompasses legal and horizontal issues including dispute settlement. Find the full text and and annexes below.

This Swiss-UK trade agreement includes provisions on trade in goods – including provisions on preferential tariffs, tariff rate quotas, non-tariff measures including sanitary and phytosanitary measures; intellectual property, including geographical indications; and government procurement.

Annexes and Record of Understanding
Trade in Goods Annex I Rules of Origin    
      Appendix 1 Revised PEM list rules 1/2
      Appendix 2 Revised PEM list rules 2/2
      Appendix 3 List of countries referred to in Article 8 in Annex I
      Appendix 4 Origin Declaration
      Appendix 5 Supplier's Declarations
      Appendix 6 Long Term Supplier's Declaration
  Annex II Schedule of Goods Preferences Iceland to United Kingdom    
  Annex III Schedule of Tariff Concessions Norway to United Kingdom    
  Annex IV Schedule of Tariff Concessions United Kingdom to Iceland    
  Annex V Schedule of Tariff Concessions United Kingdom to Norway    
  Annex VI Calculation of Quote Volumes after Entry into Force    
  Annex VII Bilateral Annex between Norway and the United Kingdom on transit of fish and fishery products    
  Annex VIII Motor Vehicles and their Parts    
  Annex IX Medicinal Products    
  Annex X Chemicals    
  Annex XI Organics    
  Annex XII Wine    
  Annex XIII Provisions and Arrangements concerning Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters    
  Annex XIV Cooperation on Sanitary Matters    
  Annex XV Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters    
Services Annex XVI Existing Measures    
  Annex XVII Future Measures    
  Annex XVIII Business Visitors for Establishment Purposes, Intra-Corporate Transferees and Short-Term Business Visitors    
  Annex XIX Contractual Service Suppliers and Independent Professionals    
  Annex XX International Mobil Roaming Services (IMRS) Rates    
GP Annex XXI Government Procurement    
      Appendix 1 Relevant provisions to the WTO government procurement agreement
      Appendix 2 Market access commitments beyond the GPA
      Appendix 3 Means of publication
      Appendix 4 Contact points
      Appendix 5 Value of thresholds
IPR & GI Annex XXII Geographical Indications and Traditional Terms of Iceland    
  Annex XXIII Geographical Indications and Traditional Terms of Norway    
  Annex XXIV Geographical Indications and Traditional Terms of the UK    
  Annex XXV Additional Provisions regarding the Scope of Regulatory Measures    


Joint Committee Decisions
No. 1/2022 Rules of Procedure of the Joint Committee 21.09.22 21.09.22
No. 2/2022 Amendments to Annex XX to the Agreement on International Mobile Roaming Rates 21.09.22 21.09.22
No. 3/2022 Rules of Procedure of a Panel 21.09.22 21.09.22


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