EFTA Consultative Committee and Working Groups discuss new forms of employment with European Experts

Published 19-03-2019
The joint meeting was chaired by Halldór Grönvold
On 19 March, the EFTA Consultative Committee (EFTA CC) met with two of EFTA’s Working Groups and European experts to discuss new forms of employment and their impact on working and employment conditions.

The joint seminar was moderated by the Chair of the EFTA CC, Halldór Grönvold, and organised by the EFTA CC together with the EFTA Working Group on Health and Safety at Work and Labour Law and the EFTA Working Group on Free Movement of Persons, Employment and Social Policy.

At the seminar, Sara Riso, Research Manager at Eurofound, presented conclusions of recent research on platform work and its impact on working and employment conditions.

This was followed up by Eli Telhaug, Secretary-General of the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, who gave an overview of Norway’s response to new challenges in the labour market.

Adam Pokorny, Head of the Working Conditions Unit at DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) of the European Commission briefed the EFTA CC and Working Groups on the new EU Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions and what it will entail for employers, workers and governments.

There were also contributions from the social dialogue partners at European level: Rebekah Smith, Deputy Director for Social Affairs at Business Europe discussed from the employer’s perspective whether permanent contracts will survive the new labour market, while Ben Egan of the European Trade Union Confederation gave the trade unions’ perspective on how new forms of employment may constitute a new battleground for the trade union movement.

Joost Korte, Director-General of DG EMPL closed the presentations from European experts by giving a comprehensive overview of the various initiatives the European Commission is initiating to meet the future challenges of the labour market. This was followed by an active discussion between the experts, the EFTA CC and the two EFTA working groups.

Find high-resolution pictures from the meeting here.


Presentations are available here:

Platform work - how does it impact on working and employment conditions? - Sara Riso, Reserach Manager, Eurofund

The Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions - Adam Pokorny, DG EMPL

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