Visit the EFTA Secretariat

Below you will find information for groups planning a visit to the Secretariat to learn more about EFTA and its management of the EEA Agreement and free trade relations.

The EFTA Secretariat welcomes requests for presentations on EEA and trade related matters from groups of government officials, politicians, organisations and students visiting Brussels or Geneva.  

In Brussels, a general presentation normally lasts one hour and includes information on the role of EFTA, as well as an introduction to the EEA Agreement. If requested and subject to availability, presentations can also be given on specific topics related to the different functions of EFTA.

In Geneva, general presentations on EFTA are offered, as well as presentations on EFTA free trade relations. 

Another way of gaining knowledge on the EEA Agreement is by participating in the Introductory Seminar on the EEA, which takes place twice a year in Brussels. The aim of the seminar is to provide professionals with a thorough overview of the EEA Agreement, including its structure, content and procedures. The seminar is free of charge.

The EFTA Secretariat may also give presentations in the EFTA States upon request and depending on availability.

Due to the high number of requests that we receive, we recommend that you contact the Secretariat at least one month in advance of your visit. To make a request, please use our online booking tool including:

  • Contact person and name of organisation, university, etc
  • Suggested date(s) and time(s) for the presentation
  • Location (EFTA Secretariat (Brussels/Geneva) or other)
  • Number of participants
  • Topic (general or specific)
  • Language (depending on availability, presentations can be given in English, Norwegian, Icelandic, German and French)

 For other questions send an email to

Head of Information and Communication
Secretary-General's Office

+32 498 11 0541

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