Public Access to EFTA Documents

"Recognising the public interest of open access to documents within a clearly defined legal framework, taking into account applicable national laws; Having regard to the fact that, when handling requests for access to documents, the principle of openness shall be applied to the greatest extent possible"

The EFTA Council and the Standing Committee of the EFTA States have decided on rules for public access to all EFTA documents.

Decision of the EFTA Council No. 6 of 2007 (as amended) and Decision of the Standing Committee No. 3 of 2007 lay down the rules on public access to third-country administrative documents and EEA related EFTA documents.

According to these Decisions, as of April 1 2008, the EFTA Secretariat keeps a public register of documents drawn up by the EFTA Secretariat, accessible here.

The EFTA Secretariat deposits its archives at the Historical Archive of European Union (HAEU), located at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. The fonds, which includes EFTA documents that are over 30 years old, has been inventoried and is accessible here.  The documents are fully available to public and may be consulted at the HAEU.

It is possible to consult documents that are less than 30 years old at EFTA’s headquarters in Geneva by written request.  The request should outline the reason for the request and a brief outline of the research to be undertaken. The EFTA Secretariat will assess the request and consult with the EFTA Member States to grant access.

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