Incorporation of the Integrated European Social Statistics Regulation into the EEA Agreement

Published 14-12-2022

This year a milestone was reached for the EEA EFTA countries as part of the European Statistical System. A new framework regulation on social statistics, the Integrated European Social Statistics (IESS) Regulation, was incorporated into Annex XXI of the EEA Agreement on 8 July, and 8 implementing acts and 6 delegated acts belonging to the framework regulation were adopted on 9 December.

This ensures a continuous participation of the EEA EFTA countries in many of Eurostat’s leading data collection surveys in the area of social statistics. The data collected under the IESS regulation are essential in producing comprehensive and comparable statistics on social conditions in Europe.

The IESS regulation has been designed to integrate existing European household surveys into a single legal framework to facilitate standardisation and consistency between sources, in particular the Labour Force Survey (LFS), Survey of Income and Living Conditions (SILC), Household and Budget Survey (HBS) along with surveys on health, education and training, use of information and communication technologies, time use, and consumption. It entered into force in the EU on 1 January 2021.


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