EFTA and Chile meet for the fifth round of negotiations for the modernisation of their current free trade agreement

Published 31-03-2023
EFTA and Chile delegations
From 27 to 30 March 2023, delegations from the EFTA States and Chile met in Santiago for the fifth round of negotiations towards the modernisation and expansion of their free trade agreement. The EFTA States and Chile originally signed a free trade agreement in 2003, the ongoing modernisation process was initiated in 2019.

Mr Erik Andreas Underland, Specialist Director in the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, acted as the EFTA spokesperson, while Mr Sebastián Gómez, Director General of Bilateral Economic Affairs at the Undersecretariat for International Economic Affairs, headed the Chilean delegation.

Delegations continued their work on trade in goods, rules of origin, trade facilitation, trade in services, financial services, e-commerce, trade and sustainable development, as well as intellectual property rights. They concluded the chapter on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Delegations held extensive and effective discussions and made good progress on updating their existing FTA. They agreed to meet again before the summer break.

EFTA’s full report of the fifth round is available here.

Economic relations between the EFTA States and Chile

Bilateral EFTA–Chile merchandise trade reached almost USD 918 million in 2022. EFTA’s main exports to Chile were pharmaceutical products, machinery, medical instruments and ships, boats and floating structures. For the same year, imports from Chile consisted mainly of chemicals, fruits and nuts and animal feed and beverages.

Read more about merchandise trade between EFTA and Chile here.

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