Advisory Bodies

EFTA has three committees with an advisory role whose mandate is to provide advice to its member states on all issues of relevance to the organisation. They advise on EFTA’s strategic priorities as an intergovernmental organisation, on its policy orientations in the fields of cooperation with the European Union (EU) through the EEA Agreement and on its trade relations with third-country partners beyond the EU.

The EFTA advisory bodies are an essential communication channel with the political, economic, social and civil society circles in EFTA Member States. They bring EFTA’s policies and initiatives closer to the citizens of the EFTA States and thereby ensure the democratic accountability and legitimacy of the organisation.

Three bodies have an advisory role to the EFTA institutional structure.

The work of the EFTA Parliamentary Committee and of the EFTA Consultative Committee encompasses the full spectrum of EFTA’s polices and initiatives. The EEA EFTA Forum focuses on relations with the EU and the EEA implementation.

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EEA Coordination Division

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EEA Coordination Division

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