EFTA Commemorative Publications

  • EFTA Statistical Office 30th Anniversary Publication 2021

    EFTA Statistical Office 30th Anniversary Publication, published in 2021. The publication is also available printed.

  • 50th Anniversary of EFTA 1960-2010

    In 2010, the European Free Trade Association celebrated its 50th anniversary. The EFTA Convention entered into force on 3 May 1960.

  • European Economic Area 1994-2009

    This commemorative publication revisits the origins of the European Economic Area (EEA) and reproduces extracts of some of the key official texts and documents from the time of its inception, supplemented by pictures from its first 15 years of functioning.

  • 40th Anniversary of EFTA 1960-2000

    A 50 page anniversary publication looking back on EFTA's 40 year history and on future challenges.

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