Annexes and Protocols to the EFTA Convention

Annex or Protocol Title Appendix Title
Annex A Rules of Origin and administrative cooperation  Appendix A Alternative Applicable Rules of Origin
Annex B Customs Matters    
Annex C Agriculture (repealed by Council Decision No 2/2012)    
Annex D Tariff Concessions (repealed by Council Decision No 2/2012)    
Annex E Seeds  


Annex F Organic Agriculture    
Annex G Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures    
Annex H Provision of Information, Technical regulations and Information Society services    
Annex I * Mutual recognition in relation to conformity assessment    
Annex J Intellectual Property Rights    
Annex K Movement of Persons Appendix 1 Free Movement of Persons
    Appendix 2 Coordination of Social Security Schemes
    Appendix 3 Mutual recognition of professional qualifications
Annex L Reservations by Iceland    
Annex M Reservations by Liechtenstein    
Annex N Reservations by Norway    
Annex O Reservations by Switzerland    
Annex P Land Transport    
Annex Q Air Transport    
Annex R Public Procurement    
Annex S Council Bodies    
Annex T Arbitration    
Annex U Territorial Applications    
Annex V Basic Agricultural Products    
Annex W Processed Agricultural Products    
Annex X Agricultural Products above HS chapter 24 (Article 8)    
Protocol Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and Liechtenstein    
Final Act      


*Please be advised that Article 3 (1) of Annex I and footnote N°3 refer to the latest Decision of the Joint Committee established under the Agreement between the European Community and the Swiss Confederation on mutual recognition in relation to conformity assessment (EU-CH MRA), whereby a new product sector was included in the scope of the EU-CH MRA, thereby extending the scope of Annex I. Decisions of the Joint Committee which merely update the legal references to new legislation for product sectors which are already part of the EU-CH MRA agreement, will not be reflected. A consolidated English version of the EU-CH MRA is available here, with more information under For more information on EEA legislation in force, please see here.

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