Gender Equality

The EFTA Secretariat is a place of equality and mutual respect among employees, who shall be treated fairly and enjoy equal opportunities.

The EFTA Secretariat has a Gender Equality Policy in place. The aim of the policy is to ensure equal conditions and opportunities for all employees, free from gender bias, and to raise awareness of gender equality in all the work of EFTA. The policy is intended to contribute to gender balance in all positions, internal committees and working groups in the Secretariat. It is designed to help ensure that all staff are respected and valued on their own merits, and that talent and human resources are used as effectively as possible. The policy is also aimed at counteracting any stereotypes concerning gender roles, with a special focus on the following points:

  • Access to training and continued professional development
  • Terms of employment, including promotions
  • Work-life balance

The gender equality policy outlines the responsibilities of the Secretary-General, management, human resources and each staff member. It also requires that a Gender Equality Group be set up to monitor and oversee progress in the implementation of the policy and to propose actions and remedies when needed. The group consists of 6 members of staff, who meet on a regular basis to discuss the policy and its achievements, the group produces an annual report and organises various workshops/events to raise awareness on gender equality.


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