Motor Vehicles, Agricultural and Forestry Tractors

The Working Group on Technical Barriers to Trade, assisted by the Expert Group on Motor Vehicles and the Expert Group on Agricultural and Forestry Tractors, is responsible for the legislation on motor vehicles & tractors.

Motor vehicles are covered by Annex II, Chapter I of the EEA Agreement.

Agricultural and forestry tractors are covered by Annex II, Chapter II of the EEA Agreement.


The EU legislation on motor vehicles, agricultural and forestry tractors has been incorporated into the EEA Agreement. Therefore, a vehicle that has been type-approved in one EEA State may also be placed on the market in the remaining 30 EEA States without any further testing or approval. The main acts have been amended on numerous occasions over the years in order to adjust to technical progress. New legislation is always assessed by the Expert Groups before it is incorporated into the EEA Agreement.


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