Information, Technology, Telecommunications and Data Processing

The sectors of Radio Communications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment are the responsibility of the Working Group on Technical Barriers to Trade, assisted by the Expert Group on Telecommunications Equipment. The rules are included in Annex II, Chapter XVIII of the EEA Agreement.

Radio Communications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) encompass all products which use the radio frequency spectrum (e.g., car door openers, mobile communications equipment like cellular telephones, CB radios, broadcast transmitters, etc.) and all equipment attached to public telecommunications networks (e.g., ADSL modems, telephones, telephone switches). EEA rules ensure the safety, protection and free movement of radio and telecommunications equipment in the EEA. To be placed on the market, R&TTE must not disturb radio services or other equipment. The EEA Agreement also lays down common technical regulations in the field of information technology, telecommunication and data processing, including satellite television broadcasting and high definition television.


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