The Working Group on Public Procurement is responsible for the legislation contained in Annex XVI of the EEA Agreement. Article 65 (1) of the EEA Agreement covers public procurement. Protocol 2 to the Surveillance and Court Agreement covers the functions and powers of ESA in the field of procurement.

The EEA rules on public procurement sets out minimum harmonised public procurement rules. These rules govern the way public authorities buys goods, services or works exceeding a certain value. The objectives of the procurement rules are to ensure that public funds are spent in the most effective manner, to ensure equal treatment and to enhance cross-border competition for public contracts in the EEA.

The Working Group on Public Procurement meets when required and follows closely all EU decision-making on public procurement issues, mainly through participation in the European Commission’s Expert Group on Public Procurement (EXPP), the Expert Group on eProcurement (EXEP) and the Economic and Statistical Working Group (ESWG).


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