Single Market Policies and Tools

The Working Group on Enterprise Policy and Internal market Affairs has the responsibility for following horizontal strategies, policies and legislative proposals related to the Single Market and which do not belong to a sector specific EEA EFTA Working Group.

This includes the Services Directive (as regards services see Part III, Chapter 3 of the EEA Agreement) and related European Commission legislative proposals, and furthermore SOLVIT which is a Single Market problem solving mechanism for citizens and businesses in the EEA, and the Internal Market Information System (IMI) through which public authorities may communicate cross border.

The Single Digital Gateway Regulation also falls under the responsibility of the Workings as well has handling the EEA EFTA States’ financial contribution to the European Commission’s Internal Market budget lines for DG GROW, see Protocol 31 to the EEA Agreement.

For an overview of legal acts included in the EEA Agreement in the policy fields referred to above, see  Annex X to the Agreement.  The EEA EFTA States have issued several EEA EFTA Comments related to inter alia services. For EEA legislation for financial, telecommunication and transport, services, see these Policy Areas.

The Working Group on Enterprise Policy and Internal market Affairs is also following the development of new relevant legislation and polices related inter alia to the European Commission’s Green Deal, New Industrial Strategy, SME Strategy, Long term action plan for better implementation and enforcement of Single Market rules, and the Communication on Identifying and addressing barriers to the Single Market. In particular, the proposals for a Single Market Emergency Instrument and a European Chips Act.

The EEA EFTA States participates inter alia in the Commission Expert Group on the Services Directive and the Expert Group on SOLVIT.


 See also: DG Grow


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