Gender Equality, Anti-Discrimination and Family Policy

Legislation on equal treatment between men and women is contained in Annex XVIII of the EEA Agreement.

EEA EFTA experts follow closely all developments within the EU in the areas of gender equality, anti-discrimination and family policy including the rights of the child. They also monitor the activities of the European Institute of Gender Equality (EIGE) and the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).

The EEA EFTA States have participated in EU Programmes which focus on the above-mentioned areas. During the period 2007-2013, they participated actively in the relevant strands of the PROGRESS Programme and the Daphne III Programme on Community action to prevent violence against children, young people and women, and to protect victims and groups at risk. The EEA EFTA States plan on participation in the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme within the Multiannual Financial Framework (2014-2020).

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