Consumer Protection

Legislation in the field of Consumer Protection is covered by Article 72 EEA. EU Consumer Protection legislation is incorporated into Annex XIX to the EEA Agreement. Legislation relating to market surveillance of products is incorporated in Annex II, c.f. Article 23(a) EEA.

Consumer protection legislation is aimed at protecting the economic interests, health and safety of consumers and at increasing consumer thrust in the Single Market. It covers inter alia unfair commercial practices, misleading advertising, unfair contract terms, sales of goods, package travels and time share. The European Commission has proposed new legislation relating to contract rules for online purchase of digital content and for goods.

Better enforcement of the legislation is the aim of the regulation on co-operation between national enforcement authorities. The Regulation is under revision in 2017.

The EEA EFTA States have issued several EEA EFTA Comments related to proposals from the European Commission.

European Consumer Centres, which exist also in Iceland and Norway, provide advice and assistance to consumers. Offering consumers alternative dispute resolution and the online platform for consumer dispute resolution helps consumers getting redress.

The EEA EFTA States participate in the meeting of the high level group Consumer Policy Network.

Iceland and Norway are participating in the European Commission’s Consumer Program 2014-2020.

The EFTA Working Group on Consumer Affairs is responsible for consumer protection legislation and policies, except for product safety which lies with the EFTA TBT Working Group.

For more information on consumer protection issues, see DG Justice and Consumer Affairs

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