The Creative Europe Programme



The Creative Europe Programme offers funding for the development of European films, TV programmes and games, distribution and promotion of European films, festivals, cinema networks, training for cultural and creative professionals/artists, literary translations and cross-border cooperation.



  • Safeguards and promotes European cultural and linguistic diversity, and fosters Europe’s cultural richness.
  • Contributes to Europe’s goals for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.
  • Helps the cultural and creative sectors to adapt to the digital age and globalisation.
  • Opens up new international opportunities, markets and audiences.



Creative Europe brings together three EU Programmes which were managed separately between 2007 and 2013.

  • The MEDIA programme and MEDIA Mundus (56%);
  • Culture (31%);
  • It also supports so-called cross-sectoral activities (13%)


Total EU budget

The financial envelope for the period 2014-2020 is EUR 1.46 billion.


EEA  Status

The Regulation establishing the Creative Europe Programme was incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 16 May 2014, foreseeing participation from Iceland and Norway.

Senior Budget Officer
Internal Market Division

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