Consumer Programme


The Consumer Programme 2014-2020 supports EU consumer policy in the years to come. It aims to help the citizens fully enjoy their consumer rights and actively participate in the Single Market, thus supporting growth, innovation and meeting the objectives of Europe 2020.



The Consumer Programme will focus on four key areas:

  • a single market of safe products for the benefit of citizens and as a component of competitive businesses and traders;
  • a single market where citizens are well represented by professional consumer organisations whose capacity is built to meet the challenges of today's economic environment;
  • a market where citizens are aware and exercise their rights as consumers so that they contribute to the growth of competitive markets, citizens must enjoy access to redress mechanisms in case of problems without needing to resort to court procedures which are lengthy and costly for them and the governments;
  • a concrete and effective collaboration between national bodies to support the enforcement of consumer rights, support the consumers with advice.
  • Funding is available for government entities, public bodies and national and EU level consumer organisations.


Total budget

The financial envelope for the period 2014-2020 is EUR 188,8 million


EEA Status  

The Regulation establishing the Consumer Programme was incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 14 November 2014, foreseeing participation from Iceland and Norway.

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Internal Market Division

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