When to Apply

Once EU has decided to launch a programme, the EU Official Journal publishes a call for proposals. All calls for proposals within EU programmes can be found in this journal.  Other publication channels also often spread this information. The call is usually launched at specific information meetings, often organised by the Commission in Brussels or Luxembourg. These meetings are highly valuable for a better understanding of what the Commission is looking for.

The Europa website gives the best overview of open calls. The information is organised by the directorate-general responsible for the programme in question. This is where the objective of the call, the criteria for funding and the formal application requirements are found. The call is usually open from four to 12 weeks.

Sometimes the call is left "open", which means that funding can be applied for continuously (with fixed selection dates).

The application is sent directly to the European Commission or the executive agencies in Brussels or Luxembourg. For some of the programmes, however, national agencies manage the entire application process. This is the case for decentralised actions under the Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action Programmes.

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