Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme



The Programme funds activities which promote gender equality and combat all forms of discrimination. It also provides funding for Roma inclusion and helps citizens and consumers to exercise their rights. The promotion of children's rights and fighting violence against women, young people and children are also funded by this Programme.



The general objective of the Programme is to contribute to the further development of an area where equality and the rights of persons as enshrined in the TEU, in the TFEU, in the Charter and in the international human rights conventions to which the Union has acceded, are promoted, protected and effectively implemented.



The Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme replaces three programmes which were operational from 2007-2013:

  • Fundamental Rights and Citizenship
  • Daphne III
  • The Gender Equality and Anti-discrimination strands of the Progress Programme


Total budget

The financial envelope for the period 2014-2020 is EUR 439 million


EEA Status

The Regulation establishing the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme was incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 9 July 2014, foreseeing full participation from Iceland and partial participation from Liechtenstein.

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