• Exchanging views on Common European Sales Law   08.12.2011
    Working Group on Consumer Affairs and Vice President of the European Parliament, Diana Wallis

    The EFTA Working Group on Consumer Affairs met on 5 and 6 December 2011. One of the main points on the agenda was the Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on a Common European Sales Law (CESL) which was put forward by the Commission on 11 October 2011.

  • High-speed mobile service directive extended to the EEA   02.12.2011

    The EEA Joint Committee decided on 1 December 2011 to incorporate a European directive concerning frequen­cy bands for third-generation (3G) mobile networks into the EEA Agreement. The directive brings the current GSM directive from 1987 up to date and also prepares for future 4G networks.

  • EFTA Standing and EEA Joint Committees met on 1 December 2011   02.12.2011
    Ambassador Kurt Jäger, Liechtenstein, chairing the EEA Joint Committee meeting

    The EFTA Standing Committee and EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 1 December. Liechtenstein was Chair both of the Standing Committee and, on behalf of the EEA EFTA States, of the Joint Committee.

  • Highlights from Subcommittees I-IV meeting and Joint Subcommittees I-IV meeting on 28 November 2011   29.11.2011
    EU Chair, Mr Gianluca Grippa, and EEA EFTA Chair, Mr Per Strand Sjaastad

    The delegations discussed legislative acts currently under consideration by the EFTA side, including the Regulations establishing the three Financial Supervisory Authorities and the European Systemic Risk Board, and the revised Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) along with related acts. The Third Legislative Energy Package, the Community Legal Framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC), the Paediatric Regulation and the Goods Package were also topics of discussion.

  • Thirty-sixth meeting of the EEA Council in Brussels   15.11.2011
    From left to right: H.E. Kurt Jäger, Liechtenstein's Ambassador to the EU; Ms Aurelia Frick, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liechtenstein.

    The thirty-sixth meeting of the EEA Council took place in Brussels on 15 November 2011. At its meeting, the EEA Council assessed the overall functioning of the EEA Agreement, including maintaining and enhancing the homogeneity of the EEA; decision making and shaping; energy and climate change; the financial mechanisms; and the financial crisis and its implications for EEA cooperation, including regulation of the financial system. The EEA Council held an orientation debate on measures taken to address the current economic crisis.

  • EFTA Standing and EEA Joint Committees met on 20 and 21 October 2011   21.10.2011

    The EFTA Standing Com­mittee and EEA Joint Com­mittee met in Brussels on 20 and 21 October respectively. Liechtenstein was Chair both of the Standing Committee and, on behalf of the EEA EFTA States, of the Joint Committee.

  • Standards for finer particles set within the EEA   21.10.2011

    The EEA Joint Committee has decided to incorporate a European directive on ambient air quality into the EEA Agreement. The directive deals with and sets standards for reducing concentrations of finer particles released into the atmosphere, which are believed to be the source of many health problems. It aims at improving human health and environmental quality before the year 2020.

  • Highlights from Subcommittees I-IV and Joint Subcommittees I-IV meetings on 18 October 2011   19.10.2011

    Delegates were given a presentation on the Multi­annual Financial Framework 2014-2020, with a particular focus on the impact of the proposed financial framework for the EEA EFTA States in terms of budgetary procedures and economic contributions, as well as programme participation and national experts.

  • Encouraging investment in cultural and creative content   07.10.2011
    Ms Trish McAdam, the Irish film director, talked about how her new film was developed.

    Yesterday, EFTA hosted a workshop organised by CEPI, EURO­CINEMA, FERA, IMPALA and SAA on the finance and taxation of the cultural industry. The Commission also gave a brief outline on how the new media and culture programme, for 2014-2020, may look like.

  • Intelligent Transport Systems incorporated into EEA Agreement   30.09.2011

    The EEA Joint Committee has today decided to incorporate a framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) into the EEA Agreement. These systems use information and communication technologies to make transport safer and cleaner, and can also be used to reduce traffic congestion. ITS applications include warning systems that alert the emergency services of any accidents.

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