• EEA Joint Committee Annual Report 2009   01.04.2010

    The EEA Joint Committee Annual Report 2009 was adopted by the Joint Committee by written procedure on 26 March 2010. The main part of the report provides an overview of the work of the EEA Joint Committee in 2009. Annex I comprises a review of the activities of the subcommittees under the EEA Joint Committee, Annex II contains an overview of the state of decision making in 2009 and Annex III presents a list of EEA Joint Committee Decisions (JCDs) adopted by the EEA Joint Committee in 2009.

  • Seminar on Network Neutrality and Next Generation Access Networks   25.03.2010

    On 16 March 2010, the EFTA Secretariat organised a seminar on Net Neutrality and Next Generation Access Networks. The seminar aimed at showcasing practices in the EFTA Member States relevant to the implementation of the Telecom Package and the Digital Agenda. The seminar brought together 100 practitioners and policy makers from the EU and EFTA Member States for a fruitful debate.

  • Seminar on Energy Management and Energy Efficiency Standards   25.03.2010
    Energy seminar

    On 23 March the EFTA Secretariat hosted a seminar on the contribution of standards to energy management and energy efficiency. The seminar was organised by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

  • EFTA experts meet with MEP Dr Andreas Schwab   18.03.2010

    Dr Andreas Schwab, Rapporteur for the Proposal on Consumer Rights, addressed the EFTA Working Group on Consumer Affairs on 16 March 2010.

  • Standing and Joint Committee meetings - 11 and 12 March 2010   12.03.2010

    The EFTA Standing Committee and EEA Joint Committee met on 11 and 12 March 2010 respectively.

  • Highlights from the meeting of Subcommittees I-IV on 4 March 2010   11.03.2010

    Subcommittee I and Subcommittees II, III and IV met jointly on 4 March. The Committees discussed several issues, such as the finalisation of the Food Law Package, the future of comitology procedures, participation in EU agencies, including the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and proposals for a new EU system of financial supervision.

  • Highlights from the meeting of Subcommittees I-IV   21.01.2010

    Subcommittee I and Subcommittees II, III and IV met jointly for the second time on 21 January, 2010.

  • EFTA suggestions for the EU 2020 Strategy   12.01.2010
    EFTA suggestions

    The EFTA Secretariat, on behalf of the EFTA Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee, has forwarded concrete suggestions to the European Commission in response to a consultation on the EU 2020 Strategy, which is under preparation and which will be adopted during the March EU Summit (see European Commission Document COM (2009) 647).

  • EFTA Autumn Seminar on the EEA   16.12.2009
    EEA Seminar

    Participants from both the public and private sectors met at the Secretariat in Brussels on 10th and 11th December for the biannual EFTA Seminar on the EEA.

  • Joint meeting of the EFTA Standing Committee at a Ministerial level with the Parliamentary and Consultative Committees   18.11.2009

    For the first time, a joint meeting between the Standing Committee of the EFTA States at a Ministerial level, the Committee of Members of Parliament of the EFTA States (MPS) and the EFTA Consultative Committee, was held in the Norway House, Brussels, 16 November 2009.