• Climate policy and the EEA Agreement   14.12.2015

    Last year, the EU adopted a climate and energy policy framework for 2030, including a greenhouse gas emission reduction target of at least 40% below 1990 levels. Norway and Iceland have announced that they want to fulfil equivalent targets jointly with the European Union and its Member States.

  • Joint Committee repeals Decision on transfer of personal data   11.12.2015
    From right: Ambassador Oda Sletnes and Minister Counsellor Knut Hermansen, Mission of Norway to the EU

    On 11 December 2015, the EEA Joint Committee adopted 27 decisions incorporating 47 EU legal acts into the EEA Agreement. The Committee also decided to repeal a Commission Decision from the EEA Agreement regarding the transfer of personal data to the United States.

  • EEA Joint Parliamentary Committee discusses Energy Union and Digital Single Market Strategy   20.11.2015
    Mr Jørn Dohrmann, Denmark, Member of the European Parliament; and Mr Elfried Hasler, Member of the Liechtenstein Parliament

    On 19 November the EEA Joint Parliamentary Committee (EEA JPC) convened in Brussels to discuss several current topics related to the EU and the EEA, including the Energy Union, the Digital Single Market Strategy and developments in the EEA Agreement.

  • EEA Council discusses Single Market Strategy   17.11.2015
    Mr Nicolas Schmit, representing the Presidency of the Council of the European Union at the EEA Council

    At the 44th meeting of the EEA Council, held in Brussels on 17 November 2015, Ministers discussed the current situation of the cooperation within the EEA, focusing on the importance of maintaining and further developing a homogeneous internal market as an engine for growth throughout the EEA. An orientation debate was held on the European Commission's new strategy for the Single Market.

  • EEA EFTA Comment on online purchases   16.11.2015

    On 16 November 2015, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint comment on the European Commission's upcoming proposal regarding contract rules for online purchases of digital content and tangible goods.

  • EU and EEA EFTA discuss Single Market Strategy   04.11.2015

    At a joint meeting on 4 November of EU's Internal Market Advisory Committee (IMAC) and Enterprise Policy Group (EPG), the EEA EFTA States welcomed the adoption of the new Single Market Strategy and the fact that it reflected the priorities laid out in the EEA EFTA Comment from July 2015.

  • EEA Joint Committee incorporates nearly 100 acts into the EEA Agreement   30.10.2015
    Ms Florina Telea, Trade Affairs Manager in the USA and Canada Unit of DG Trade, European Commission

    The EFTA Standing Committee and EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 29 October and 30 October 2015 respectively.

  • EEA EFTA Comment on Better Regulation   28.09.2015

    On 28 September 2015, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint comment on the European Commission’s Communication on Better Regulation for Better Results – An EU Agenda.

  • Stricter rules on industrial emissions and animal by-products   25.09.2015

    Two key EU directives introducing new and revised rules for the handling of industrial emissions and animal by-products were among the 69 legal acts incorporated into the EEA Agreement by the EEA Joint Committee on 25 September.

  • Great interest in the workings of the EEA Agreement   02.09.2015
    Dóra Sif Tynes, Head of Legal Services, EFTA Secretariat

    On 2 September 2015, 125 participants from both the public and private sectors met at the EFTA Secretariat in Brussels for an introductory seminar on the European Economic Area (EEA).