• EEA Joint Committee adopts decisions on prevention of illicit trade in chemicals and application of aviation security standards   18.03.2016

    The EFTA Standing Committee and the EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 17 and 18 March 2016 respectively. At the Joint Committee, the EU side gave an update on the EU-US negotiations on TTIP.

  • EFTA Parliamentary Committee meets with Commissioner Malmström to discuss current trade issues   23.02.2016
    Ms Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Trade

    On 23 February, the EFTA Parliamentary Committee held a full day of meetings to discuss current trade issues with, among others, the European Commissioner for Trade, Ms Cecilia Malmström.

  • EEA Comment on work-life balance   20.02.2016

    On 22 February 2016, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted an EEA EFTA comment on possible EU action to address the challenges of work-life balance faced by working parents and caregivers.

  • Successful Seminar on the EEA in Luxembourg   18.02.2016

    More than 90 participants from various European institutions, government agencies, diplomatic missions, companies and academic institutions were gathered in Luxembourg on 18 February for an Introductory Seminar on the European Economic Area (EEA).

  • Modernising the European Standardisation System   08.02.2016
    ©CEN and CENELEC (Designer: Marco Paulo)

    In the recently adopted Single Market Strategy for goods and services, the European Commission has presented an action on a joint initiative on European standardisation. The action shows strong political support for standardisation and aims to modernise the European Standardisation System. On behalf of the four EFTA States, the EFTA Secretariat cooperates closely with the Commission and the European standardisation community in the standardisation area and is playing an active part in the development of the joint initiative.

  • First Joint Committee meeting of 2016 held in Brussels   05.02.2016
    Ambassador Kurt Jäger, Ambassador of Liechtenstein to Belgium and Head of the Mission of Liechtenstein to the European Union

    The EFTA Standing Committee and the EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 4 and 5 February 2016 respectively.

  • EFTA hosts biannual seminar on the EEA   03.02.2016
    Georges Baur

    On 3 February 2015, 70 participants from both the public and private sectors met at the EFTA Secretariat in Brussels for an introductory seminar on the European Economic Area (EEA).

  • EFTA launches new EEA-Lex features   01.02.2016

    On 1 February, the EEA-Lex service was upgraded to offer new functionalities, such as graphical timelines, quick and advanced search forms, and the inclusion of proposed EU acts with possible EEA relevance.

  • EEA EFTA interest in new e-Government programme   17.12.2015

    On 1 January 2016, the next phase of the EU programme helping governments to modernise their administrations and provide interoperable digital services will begin. Iceland and Norway have expressed their wish be on board from the start.

  • EFTA Secretariat hosts launch of EEA law Handbook   16.12.2015
    Carl Baudenbacher, President of the EFTA Court and the editor of The Handbook of EEA Law

    At a launch event hosted by the EFTA Secretariat in Brussels, the President of the EFTA Court, Carl Baudenbacher presented "The Handbook of EEA Law", a comprehensive examination of law encompassed by the EEA Agreement.