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Commission Recommendation of 27 November 1992 calling upon Member States to set up the infrastructures needed to identify dangerous products at the external frontiers
Decision No 149 of 26 June 1992 concerning the reimbursement by the competent institution of a Member State of the costs incurred during a stay in another Member State with the procedure referred to in Article 34 (4) of Regulation (EEC) No 574/72
Beschluß Nr. 149 vom 26. Juni 1992 über die Erstattung bei Aufenthalt in einem anderen Mitgliedstaat verauslagter Kosten durch den zuständigen Träger eines Mitgliedstaats nach dem in Artikel 34 Absatz 4 der Verordnung (EWG) Nr. 574/72 angegebenen Verfahren
Decision No 150 of 26 June 1992 concerning the application of Articles 77, 78 and 79 (3) of Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 and of Article 10 (1) (b) (ii) of Regulation (EEC) No 574/72
Beschluß Nr. 150 vom 26. Juni 1992 zur Anwendung des Artikels 77, des Artikels 78 und des Artikels 79 Absatz 3 der Verordnung (EWG) Nr. 1408/71 und des Artikels 10 Absatz 1 Buchstabe b) Ziffer ii) der Verordnung (EWG) Nr. 574/72
92/48/EEC: Commission Recommendation of 18 December 1991 on insurance intermediaries
Council resolution of 19 December 1991 on the development of the common market for satellite communications services and equipment
Council Recommendation of 5 June 1992 on the harmonized provision of a minimum set of packet-switched data services (PSDS) in accordance with open network provision (ONP) principles
Council Recommendation of 5 June 1992 on the provision of harmonized integrated services digital network (ISDN) access arrangements and a minimum set of ISDN offerings in accordance with open network provision (ONP) principles
Council Resolution of 5 June 1992 on the development of the integrated services digital network (ISDN) in the Community as a European-wide telecommunications infrastructure for 1993 and beyond
Council Resolution of 19 November 1992 on the promotion of Europe-wide cooperation on numbering of telecommunications services
Entschließung des Rates vom 19. November 1992 zur Förderung der europäischen Zusammenarbeit bei der Numerierung von Telekommunikationsdiensten
Council Resolution of 17 December 1992 on the assessment of the situation in the Community telecommunications sector
Council Resolution of 19 November 1992 on the implementation in the Community of the European Radiocommunications Committee Decisions
Entschließung des Rates vom 19. November 1992 zur Anwendung der Beschlüsse des European Radiocommunications Committee in der Gemeinschaft
Council Resolution of 22 July 1993 on the review of the situation in the telecommunications sector and the need for further development in that market
Council Resolution of 7 December 1993 on the introduction of satellite personal communication services in the Community
Council Resolution of 17 December 1990 on the development of a European high-speed rail network
Council Resolution of 26 March 1992 on the extension of the system for observing the markets for the carriage of goods by rail, road and inland waterway
Commission Decision No 3654/91/ECSC of 13 December 1991 amending Decision No 25-67 laying down in implementation of Article 66 (3) of the Treaty a Regulation concerning exemption from prior authorization
Entscheidung Nr. 3654/91/EGKS der Kommission vom 13. Dezember 1991 zur Änderung der Entscheidung Nr. 25/67 betreffend eine Verordnung über die Befreiung vom Erfordernis vorheriger Genehmigung aufgrund des Artikels 66 Absatz 3 des Vertrages über die Gründung der Europäischen...
Commission Decision No 3855/91/ECSC of 27 November 1991 establishing Community rules for aid to the steel industry
Entscheidung Nr. 3855/91/EGKS der Kommission vom 27. November 1991 zur Einführung gemeinschaftlicher Vorschriften über Beihilfen an die Eisen- und Stahlindustrie
Commission recommendation of 24 October 1991 on the standardization of notices of public contracts
Communication of the Commission to the Council of 1 June 1992 on SME participation in public procurement in the Community
Council Resolution of 14 May 1992 on increased protection for copyright and neighbouring rights
Council Resolution of 5 April 1993 on future action on the labelling of products in the interest of the consumer
Council Resolution of 19 June 1979 on the indication of the prices of foodstuffs and non-food household products prepacked in pre-established quantities
Resolution of the Council and the Ministers for Education, meeting within the Council, of 9 June 1986, on consumer education in primary and secondary schools
Council Resolution of 15 December 1986 on the integration of consumer policy in the other common policies
Council Resolution of 25 June 1987 on consumer safety
Entschließung des Rates vom 25. Juni 1987 über die Sicherheit der Verbraucher

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