Opinions adopted by the EFTA Consultative Committee

PDF icon The Citizen’s Approach to the Single Market - 12.12.2011
PDF icon The need for increased dialogue with regard to EFTA's free trade agreements - 11.03.2009
PDF icon Energy, climate, and trade - 12.11.2008
PDF icon Energy, climate, and trade - 12.11.2008
PDF icon The Treaty of Lisbon and the EEA - 12.03.2008
PDF icon The Importance of Equal Conditions for Emission Trading in the EEA - 12.10.2007
PDF icon The need for a social dimension in the new Northern Dimension Policy - 28.06.2007
PDF icon A New Strategy for the Internal Market - 26.04.2006
PDF icon The European Neighbourhood and New Challenges for EFTA - 27.04.2005
PDF icon EEA Enlargement & the New Financial Mechanism - 21.04.2004
PDF icon Internal Market Strategy Priorities 2003-2006 - and the follow-up on the EFTA side - 15.12.2003
PDF icon A new European Constitution; Impact on the EEA Agreement - 26.06.2003
PDF icon EU Developments and their impact on the EEA Agreement: EU Enlargement, The Convention, and the Lisbon Strategy - 14.05.2003
PDF icon EEA Enlargement and the Lisbon follow-up - 12.12.2002
PDF icon Enlargement of the EEA - 26.2.2002
PDF icon EFTA follow-up to the Lisbon Strategy - 26.02.2002
PDF icon Corporate Social Responsibility: Content and limitation of the CSR Concept - 05.06.2001
PDF icon EFTA’s Third-Country Relations - 11.06.2001
PDF icon 2000 Review of the Internal Market Strategy and the follow-up on the EFTA side - 07.03.2001
PDF icon The EU’s Northern Dimension - 07.03.2001
PDF icon Environment 2010 – our future, our choice: an Action Programme for the Environment in Europe - 07.03.2001
PDF icon The Lisbon follow-up - 23.01.2001
PDF icon The euro – one year old and still a fragile baby - 16.03.2000
PDF icon The Strategy for the European Union’s Internal Market and the follow-up on the EFTA side - 06.03.2000
PDF icon Employment - 06.03.2000
PDF icon Enlargement – Implications for the EEA - 05.03.1999
PDF icon The Single Market Action Plan and the EFTA Countries - 21.10.1998
PDF icon The Impact of the Common Currency on European Economies, Enterprises and Employees - 21.10.1998
PDF icon The Amsterdam Treaty - 15.10.1998

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