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  • The EFTA Council: Working with the EU to train statisticians   22.03.2012

    The EFTA Council met for the second time this year on 22 March in Geneva under the Chairmanship of Switzerland. The Council adopted the EFTA-Eurostat Technical Cooperation Programme for 2012, approved amendments to the Vaduz Convention and reviewed free trade relations with a number of countries outside the EU.

  • Intense debate on certification of services   07.03.2012
    Heidi Rühle, Member of the European Parliament (Greens), Kari Winquist, Acting Managing Director at Nordic Innovation, and Håkan Jonsson (Chairperson), Senior Consultant, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson

    Can we afford to continue without cross-border recog­nition of certification of services or should we promote for example pan-European solutions? And what role should the standardisation of services play at national and European level? These topics were discussed at a workshop on the role of certification linked to standardisation that took place on 1 March 2012. The event was hosted by the EFTA Secretariat and Nordic Innovation in cooperation with the European Commission, CEN, ANEC and Normapme.

  • EFTA Council Chair outlines priorities for the first half of 2012   15.02.2012
    EFTA Council

    The EFTA Council in Geneva held its first meeting in 2012 on 15 February. Switzerland, holding the rotating Council Chair for the first six months of the year, presented its priorities. The Council also reviewed the latest negotiating round with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

  • EFTA Council reviews Ministerial meeting and discusses free trade relations   09.12.2011

    The EFTA Council met for the last time in 2011 on 8 December, where it reviewed the winter EFTA Ministerial meeting held on 14 November in Geneva and discussed free trade relations with countries outside the European Union.

  • Ivo Kaufmann, new Deputy Secretary-General in Geneva   01.12.2011
    Ivo Kaufmann

    At their meeting on 14 November 2011, EFTA Ministers appointed Mr Ivo Kaufmann of Switzerland as Deputy Secretary-General at EFTA’s Geneva office from 1 December. Mr Kaufmann will head the Association’s Trade Relations Division which supports the four Member States in the negotiation and management of their free trade agreements with countries outside the European Union.

  • EFTA Ministerial meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 14 November 2011   14.11.2011
    Mr Trond Giske, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, chairing the EFTA Ministerial Meeting in Geneva on 14 November 2011

    On 14 November 2011, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) held a Ministerial Meeting in Geneva under the Chairmanship of Mr Trond Giske, Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway. Ministers from the four EFTA Member States and Montenegro signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Together with Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama, the EFTA Ministers announced the start of free trade negotiations.

  • EFTA and EU Ministers of Finance and Economy meet in Brussels   08.11.2011
    EFTA Finance Ministers

    The annual meeting of EFTA and EU Ministers of Finance and Economy (the “EFTA ECOFIN”) took place on 8 November 2011 in Brussels. The item on the agenda was Ensuring Financial Sector Stability. The EFTA ECOFIN meeting was preceded by an internal meeting of the EFTA Ministers.

  • EFTA Council prepares for winter Ministerial meeting in Geneva   28.10.2011

    On 27 October, the EFTA Council in Geneva discussed preparations for the meeting of the EFTA Ministers that will take place on 14 November under the chairmanship of Norway. The Council also approved a grant to the European Committee for Standardisation.

  • The EFTA Council discusses relations with partners outside the European Union and the upcoming EFTA Ministerial meeting   04.10.2011
    EFTA logo

    The EFTA Council met for the seventh time in 2011 in Geneva on 4 October 2011 under the chairmanship of Norway, which holds the rotating EFTA chair during the second half of this year. The Council approved amendments to the Vaduz Convention and discussed relations with countries outside the European Union.

  • EFTA Secretary-General Kåre Bryn expresses condolences to Norway   26.07.2011

    Kåre Bryn, Secretary-General of the European Free Trade Association, condemns last Friday's cruel acts of violence and extends his condolences to the government of Norway and the families of the victims.

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