Unveiling the power of R in official statistics: EFTA and Statistics Iceland offer online training to statistical partners

Published 01-12-2023

From 27 November to 1 December, EFTA and Statistics Iceland organised an immersive online course on data processing using the programming language R. Aimed at both junior- and senior-level statisticians, this highly sought-after course provided a deep dive into leveraging R for data analysis in official statistics. Empowering statisticians with this open-source coding language equips them to enhance data analysis, fostering more robust and efficient statistical production processes.

The prominence of R lies in its open-source nature, levelling the playing field among National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). R is easily accessible and cost-free, which promotes inclusivity and equality in the field of statistics, making it an attractive alternative to other licensed statistical software used by NSIs and statisticians. Today, R remains one of the most widely used open-source coding languages.

Thirteen participants from EFTA’s partner countries in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) attended the five-day online course offered by EFTA and Statistics Iceland. The training sessions were delivered in English with simultaneous Russian interpretation.

The course is part of EFTA’s technical cooperation programme in the field of statistics, which aims to reinforce statistical capacities and, ultimately, data-driven decision-making processes in EFTA’s partner countries.

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