Record number of air passengers in EFTA countries in 2013

Published 19-12-2014
More than 84 million passengers travelled by air in the EFTA countries in 2013, of which 74.4 million to and from EU countries. The largest growth was in Iceland, with 3.2 million passengers, an increase of 16.7% compared to 2012.

In Norway 36.7 million passengers travelled by air, of which 15 million passengers were on a domestic flight. This is an overall increase of 6.1%. In Switzerland 44.2 million passengers travelled by air, of which only 0.6 million were domestic. This is an overall increase of 2.3% from the previous year. Numbers for these three EFTA countries are at a record high.

The Icelandic air passenger transport market was hit hard by the financial crisis in 2009, and the newly published numbers show an increase of 66.0% from 2009 to 2013. The average growth in Europe was 23.5% over the same period.

In freight and mail transport, all three EFTA countries with airports experienced an increase since 2012 (Norway 35.9%, Iceland 3.6%, and Switzerland 0.3%).

A recent news release from Eurostat states that more than 840 million passengers travelled by air in the European Union in 2013. This record number is a rise of 1.7% from the 2012 figure, and the EU country with the largest growth was Luxembourg with a rise of 14.5%.

London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt Main remained the EU's top three busiest airports in 2013, with Heathrow topping the list with 72.4 million passengers (up 3.4% compared with 2012). In comparison, the busiest airports in the EFTA countries were Zurich with 24.9 million passengers (up 0.3% from 2012) and Oslo Gardermoen with 23.1 million passengers (up 4.0%). In Europe, these were ranked as numbers 13 and 15 respectively in 2013.

Source: Eurostat

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