Quality of life in 79 European cities

Published 24-10-2013
Four cities from the EFTA countries have been included in a recent survey on the quality of life in 79 European cities. Three of these have been ranked in the top ten, while the fourth, Geneva, has been ranked 57th in terms of overall satisfaction on living in the city.

A recent publication by the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy in the European Commission shows the results of a so-called “perception survey” among citizens in 79 European cities. The field study, conducted in December 2012, concerned different aspects of quality of life, such as transport, health, education, environment, housing and employment, as well as overall satisfaction. The four EFTA cities included in the study were Geneva, Oslo, Reykjavik and Zurich.

In all but eight of the cities surveyed (Athens, Athens surroundings, Istanbul, Marseille, Miskolc, Napoli, Ostrava and Palermo) at least 80% of the respondents said that they were satisfied to be living in their city.

Aalborg (99%), Hamburg (98%), Copenhagen, Groningen, Oslo and Zurich (all 97%) recorded the highest levels of satisfaction. Reykjavik was in a group of ten cities that recorded a level of 96% overall satisfaction, while in Geneva the level recorded was 89%.

The lowest satisfaction levels were found in Athens (52%), Athens surroundings (59%), Napoli (65%), Palermo (71%) and Miskolc (73%).

The study shows a rather clear pattern that the quality of life is perceived to be higher in north-west and central Europe than in the south and east.

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