Publication of papers from the joint EFTA / UNECE session at the ISI World Congress in Kuala Lumpur

Published 25-06-2020
Participants at the WSC 2019(from left): Gogita Todradze, Executive Director of National Statistics Office of Georgia GEOSTAT, Steven Vale, Senior Statistician at UNECE, Georges Simon Ulrich, Director General of the Swiss Statistical Office BFS/OFS, Anahit Safyan, Director of International Statistical Cooperation Statistics Armenia ARMSTAT, Volker Täube, Director of the EFTA Statistical Office in Luxembourg ESO, and Per Nymand-Andersen, Statistical Advisor at European Central Bank Frankfurt ECB.
In the aftermath of the 2019 International Statistical Institute’s (ISI) World Statistics Congress, several of the presentations of the joint session organised by the EFTA Statistical Office (ESO) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) were published in the Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS).

The joint EFTA / UNECE session was titled “Where are the Boundaries of Official Statistics?” satisfied the expectations among participants of the congress and elicited further interest. The aim of the session was to contribute to an improved understanding of the delimitations of what can be referred to as “Official Statistics” by taking into account National Statistical Offices and Central Banks as the main actors in National Statistical Systems (NSS), as well as other contributors. After the session, the organisers received an offer from the Statistical Journal of the IAOS to publish selected contributions from the session after a peer review process. The editors accepted three of the session presentations as articles.

Volker Täube, Director of the EFTA Statistical Office, is the author of one of the articles that was accepted by the editors. The article titled “Boundaries and cooperation of the National Statistical System (NSS)” has been published in volume 36, no. 2 of the Journal. Furthermore, along with this article, the editors of the Statistical Journal accepted two more of the session presentations; “Central bank statistics as part of Official Statistics: The case of the European System of Central Banks” by Aurel Schubert, Ex-Director of the European Central Bank Statistical Directorate and “Where are the boundaries of Official Statistics? Armenian Case study” by Stepan Mnatsakayan, Director General of the National Statistical Office of Armenia, ARMSTAT and Anahit Safyan.


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