High share of underemployed women in Norway and Switzerland

Published 04-05-2015
A part-time worker who wishes to work more, and is available to do so, is defined as underemployed. Eurostat recently published data on underemployment in the European Union (EU) and EFTA countries based on the European Labour Force Survey of 2014.

In Switzerland, 37.6% of all employees worked part time in 2014. This was the largest share of part-time employees among the EFTA countries; in Norway the share of part-time employees was 26.6% and in Iceland 20.4%. In comparison, the share of part-time employees in the EU was 20.3%.

70 000 people were underemployed in Norway in 2014, which corresponds to 10% of all part-time workers. The share of women among the underemployed was 73%. In Switzerland, 16.5% of all part-time employees were underemployed, which equalled 279 000 people, of which 74% were women. The survey did not contain any data on underemployment in Iceland.

In the EU, 9.8 million part-time employees were underemployed in 2014, which equalled 22.2% of all part-time employees. 67% of all the underemployed in the EU were women. Among the different Member States, the highest share of underemployment was found in Greece (72.1%) and the lowest share in the Netherlands (4.0%). Luxembourg had the highest share of underemployed women (77%), while the share of women among the underemployed was lowest in Romania (34%).

Liechtenstein did not participate in the European Labour Force Survey 2014.

For further information, see Eurostat's News Release 75/2015 and a website dedicated to underemployment and potential additional labour force statistics.

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