Global Assessment of National Statistical Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Published 15-03-2023
Assessment team in front of the Astana Opera in Kazakhstan

The EFTA Statistical Office (ESO), in cooperation with Eurostat, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and OECD, conducted the Global Assessment of the National Statistical Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan last week. The final report of this Global Assessment is expected to be completed later this year.

This Global Assessment is jointly conducted by ESO, Eurostat, UNECE, and OECD following a request by the Statistical Office of Kazakhstan. The EFTA Secretariat is financing two of the seven experts making up the assessment team. These are Ms Randi Johannessen from Statistics Norway and Mr Dario Florey from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Previous missions took place in 2008 and 2016-2017.

Global Assessments are a thorough screening of the National Statistical Institutes and the national statistical systems with a special emphasis on legal and institutional capacity and statistical production, based on the European Statistics Code of Practice (ESCOP) and the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (UNFPOS). The Global Assessments are instrumental for improvements in strategic, institutional, or governance framework for the NSIs (National Statistical Institutes) and the NSS (National Statistical System). They play an important role in the NSIs and in the coordination of the NSS to improve alignment with global and European quality frameworks and European standards and methodology. It's a great way to exchange best practices between the expert team and the country being assessed.


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