Eurostat takes the pulse on the debt level

Published 30-10-2012
The deficit (net lending/borrowing) of the general government sector in Iceland was -4.4 % of GDP in year 2011 and the gross consolidated debt was 98.8 % of GDP. The Norwegian general government had a surplus of 13.6% in 2011, and a gross consolidated debt of 29.0% of GDP.

In comparison the numbers for the EU-27 in average was -4.4% and 82.5 % respectively. Amongst the EU Member States, the largest deficit in 2011 was in Ireland with -13.4% of GDP, whilst the highest debt to GDP ratio was found in Greece with 170.6 %. Hungary had the largest surplus with 4.3%, while Estonia had the lowest debt to GDP ratio with 6.1 %.

This recent Eurostat study also examines the relative importance of the government sector in the economy in terms of total general government revenue and expenditure as a percentage of GDP. It was found amongst the countries featured in the study that the general government sector was most important in Norway and least important in Switzerland.

For more information see Statistics explained. Data for Liechtenstein are not available in this study.

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