EFTA participates in assessment of Belarus’ official statistics

Published 25-05-2020
The Global Assessment team met in Belarus in 2019. The report was published recently.

The final report from the 2019 “Global Assessment” of the statistical system of Belarus has just been released. Global Assessments are in-depth analyses of the institutional, organisational and technical capacity to produce official statistics that comply with international and European guidelines and recommendations.

The Global Assessment in Belarus was carried out in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy in a partnership between Eurostat, UNECE and EFTA. EFTA members of the Assessment Team were Lars Svennebye from ESO and Marius Andersen from Statistics Norway.

The Assessment Team concluded that Belstat is well resourced and complies to a considerable extent with the statistical principles set down in the European Statistics Code of Practice. Nevertheless, a number of recommendations to assist Belstat in achieving fuller compliance with international standards were made, notably but not exclusively in the field of professional independence, confidentiality and dissemination.

The full report can be accessed here.

Reports from other Global Assessments are available here.

Deputy, EFTA Statistical Office
EFTA Statistical Office

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