EFTA one of the EU’s largest trading partners in international trade in services

Published 11-02-2015
The European Union had a surplus in international trade in services of almost EUR 180 billion in 2013, of which one third came from trade with EFTA.

The EFTA countries, together with the United States, are the largest trading partners of the EU in terms of international trade in services. In 2013, the US counted for 25% of EU total exports and 30% of total EU imports. The four EFTA countries counted for 18% of EU exports (EUR 126 billion, up 5.2% from 2012) and 13% of EU imports (EUR 69.4 billion, up 6.4% from 2012).

The largest EU trade surplus was observed with EFTA (+EUR 57 billion, up 3.8% from 2012), ahead of the US(+EUR 21 billion, up 40.3% from 2012), the Russian Federation (+EUR 16 billion, up 10.0% from 2012) and Japan(+EUR 10 billion, up 21.7% from 2012).

For more detailed information, see Eurostat’s news release 24/2015.

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