The EFTA Statistical Office finalises the Sector Review on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Statistics for enterprises and households with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

Published 05-07-2021

On request of the PCBS the EFTA Statistical Office (ESO) has conducted a Sector Review of the of the ICT enterprise and household surveys in Palestine. This review is one of ESO’s activities within the field of statistical cooperation with third countries on behalf of the EFTA Member States.

The Sector Review was led by an expert panel consisting of Mr. Anton Örn Karlsson (Hagstofa, Statistics Iceland), Mr. Bendik Hjelde Pay (SSB, Statistics Norway), Mr. Walther-Zhang Yun (SSB, Statistics Norway) and Mr. Volker Täube (ESO). The detailed review was carried out with reference to the methodology used in the European Statistical System (ESS). The reviews have been complemented with exchanges of views conveyed during online meetings with the PCBS colleagues in charge of the ICT in enterprises and households surveys throughout May 2021.

The experts would like to thank the colleagues from the PCBS for their constructive collaboration in this endeavour.

The final report which summarises the findings and recommendations of the expert panel is available here.

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