Joint EFTA / Statistics Iceland training course on "Data validation with R"

22 - 26 March 2021 - ONLINE

09:00 am - 12:00 pm GMT



The main objective of the course is learning how to use the software R as a practical tool for data validation, from code to reports and visual representations of results, learning the main workflows for data validation related R-scripts, analysis notebooks, parametrized reports, R markdown. Hence, in following the different production phases as defined in the GSBPM, training in R should provide a sustainable open source solution for statistical production in different fields.

Some of the topics which will be covered include: using R markdown templates and scripts, exploratory data analysis, quantitative and visualizations methods, data validation based on rules and dynamic and parametrized reporting. 

The course has a GitHub repository, where participants can raise issues and share code-snippets and useful links:



Course programme - программа курса            PDF                 
Course part 1 - часть курса 1            PDF             PDF
Course part 2 - часть курса 2            PDF             PDF
Course part 3 - часть курса 3            PDF             PDF
Requirements - Требования            PDF             PDF
.Rmd files for practical sessions - .Rmd файлы для практических занятий                     Rmd Practice Files



For any question concerning the course, please contact:

EFTA - Mr. Bragi Olafsson (email:; tel.: +352 4301 37775)

EFTA - Ms. Elena Friso (email:; tel.: +352 4301 33894)

Statistics Iceland - Ms. Violeta Calian (email:


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