Three Q&A brochures on EFTA's main activities

If you need a quick, but informative, information on EFTA's three main pillars of activity, you may find it in these three brochures - all set up in a Q&A format. Below you find the brochures in online version, but you can also contact us if you need a printed copy.
The EFTA Convention contains general information on EFTA, by explaining the objectives of the EFTA Convention and how it established the European Free Trade Association. 
The European Economic Area (EEA) also provides an overview on EFTA, its main activities and its institutional framework, but with a special focus on the functioning of the EEA Agreement and the Internal Market, which extends the Internal Market to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and allows for the free movement of goods, services, capital and persons across the EEA.
Thirdly, EFTA's Free Trade Relations contains general information on EFTA's free trade relations with partner countries outside the European Union. It includes statistics on the EFTA States and their trading products, as well as key characteristics of the EFTA economies.
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