Second Joint Committee meeting under EFTA-Georgia Joint Declaration on Cooperation

Published 09-02-2015
Jan Farberg, EFTA spokesperson and Mikheil Janelidze,spokesperson for Georgia
Delegations from EFTA and Georgia convened on 4 February 2015 in Tbilisi, Georgia, to discuss the timeframe for free trade negotiations between the two Parties.

Following a decision by EFTA Ministers to respond positively to Georgia’s request to start free trade negotiations, the two Parties discussed the modalities for future negotiations and decided on a concrete timeframe. They decided to aim for a comprehensive free trade agreement notably covering trade in goods, trade in services, investment, intellectual property rights, competition, government procurement, trade and sustainable development, and legal and institutional issues including dispute settlement. A first round is planned for summer 2015 with the intention of concluding negotiations within a year.

Mr Jan Farberg from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in Norway acted as EFTA spokesperson while Mr Mikheil Janelidze, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, acted as spokesperson for Georgia.


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