EFTA to sign Joint Declaration of Co-operation with Peru April 24

Published 24-04-2006
To enhance economic relations and to establish a framework for the expansion, diversification and liberalisation of trade and investment, EFTA and Peru will sign a Declaration of Co-operation April 24, 2006, 11 am at EFTA's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Attending the signing ceremony in Geneva will be the Vice-Minister of External Trade of Peru, as well as the Ambassadors of the EFTA States.

A press release, trade statistics and photos of the signing will be made available on this Web site after the ceremony.

Peru trade facts:

Exports (2005) -- $17 billion: gold, copper, fishmeal, petroleum, zinc, textiles, apparel, asparagus and coffee.

Imports (2005)--$12.15 billion: machinery, vehicles, processed food, petroleum and steel.

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