EFTA and Serbia hold first round of free trade negotiations

Published 04-05-2009
The first round of negotiations between the EFTA States and Serbia took place in Belgrade on 28-30 April 2009. The substantive progress achieved bodes well for the further process towards the conclusion of a Free Trade Agreement.

Building on longstanding relations, notably a Joint Declaration on Cooperation of 2000, the four EFTA States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) the Republic of Serbia held a productive first round of negotiations on 28-30 April 2009 in Belgrade.

The Parties agreed to aim at an agreement focussing on the liberalisation and facilitation of trade in goods and on the strengthening of intellectual property rights. During the meetings, all parts of the draft agreement were discussed and significant progress achieved. To keep up the momentum, delegations agreed to meet again in June 2009.

The EFTA delegation was led by Ms Anniken Mordal, chief negotiator from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, while Ms Bojana Todorovic, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, led the Serbian side. Total EFTA-Serbia trade in 2007 amounted to 250 million USD.

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