EFTA and Mongolia discuss cooperation

Published 09-11-2010
Delegations from the EFTA States and Mongolia convened for their first Joint Committee meeting on 8 November 2010 in Geneva.

The Joint Committee was established by the EFTA-Mongolia Joint Declaration on Cooperation, signed in June 2007. On the occasion of the first meeting of the Committee, the parties reviewed bilateral trade and investment flows and exchanged information on recent economic developments and activities in the field of preferential trade relations.

Delegations discussed potential areas for growth in bilateral trade and investment and for closer cooperation. They agreed to pursue their contacts in that respect and to convene the Joint Committee again in due course.

The EFTA side was headed by Mr Martin Zbinden, Minister, Head of Free Trade Agreements/EFTA Division at the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, while Ambassador Luvsantseren Orgil, Permanent Representative of Mongolia in Geneva, led the Mongolian delegation.

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