EFTA and Mercosur countries discuss enhancement of trade relations

Published 12-11-2004
Representatives of EFTA and MERCOSUR met 11 November 2004 in Geneva to discuss their trade relations, recent economic developments in their countries and current trends in international trade.

They reviewed their relations with the European Union as well as other large trading partners and examined their respective positions on preferential trade agreements. The representatives identified possibilities for enhanced co-operation in 2005 in areas such as customs issues and technical barriers to trade.

The discussions today took place in the EFTA - MERCOSUR Joint Committee. This was the second meeting on the basis of the EFTA - MERCOSUR Declaration on Trade and Investment Co-operation, signed in December 2000. Mr. Einar Gunnarsson, Deputy Permanent Representative for Iceland in Geneva, chaired the meeting on the EFTA side. Mr. Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita, Deputy Permanent Representative for Brazil to the WTO in Geneva, led the MERCOSUR delegation.

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