EFTA and Malaysia begin negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreement

Published 31-03-2014
Delegations from the EFTA States and Malaysia held a first round of negotiations from 25 to 28 March 2014 in Geneva.

During the round, expert groups addressed most parts of the envisaged Economic Partnership Agreement. Partly based on text proposals, partly in the form of exchanges of information, the talks were open and constructive. Detailed follow-up actions were agreed, including expert meetings on several topics prior to the next full round. 

The EFTA side was led by Ambassador Didier Chambovey from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, while Senior Director Khoo Boo Seng, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, headed the Malaysian delegation. 

In preparation for the negotiations, the two sides had signed a Joint Declaration on Cooperation in July 2010 and a Scoping Paper containing the terms of reference for the process in November 2012. 

Merchandise trade between the EFTA States and Malaysia amounted to USD 1.86 billion in 2012, with exports from EFTA of USD 996 million and imports of USD 867 million. 

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