EFTA and Chile meet to discuss state of play of the negotiations


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Published 25-02-2022
In the framework of the ongoing modernisation process of the EFTA-Chile free trade agreement, EFTA heads led by EFTA spokesperson Mr Erik Andreas Underland, Specialist Director at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries met Mr Felipe Lopeandia, General Director of Bilateral Economic Affairs at the Chilean Undersecretariat of International Economic Affairs on 24 February 2022 through videoconference.

Accompanied by relevant experts, discussions focused on market access for goods, services and intellectual property rights. The aim of the meeting was to take stock of the negotiation process and outline the way forward. Further exchanges will take place at the next round before the summer break.

Since the EFTA-Chile free trade agreement entered into force in 2004, bilateral trade between EFTA and Chile has more than doubled. In 2021 total trade amounted to USD 771 million. EFTA’s exports to Chile amounted to USD 479 million. Pharmaceuticals, machinery, and medical instruments were the main export groups in 2021. Total imports from Chile to the EFTA States amounted to USD 292 million and were mainly made up of inorganic chemicals, fruits and nuts, and fish oil.

Read more about merchandise trade between EFTA and Chile here.


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