The EFTA FTA Monitor 2.0 is online

Published 03-05-2023

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has just released its annual update of the EFTA FTA Monitor

Published for the first time in June 2022, the EFTA FTA Monitor provides an overview as well as general insights into the use of the tariff preferences for trade in goods in existing free trade agreements (FTAs) between the EFTA States and their partner countries.

The updated report now provides data for 2021, extending the analysis coverage to four years (2018-2021). In addition, 2021 export data is available for three additional countries compared to last year’s edition: Georgia, Panama and – one of EFTA’s most recent FTA partners – Ecuador.

As a result, it comprises now of information on preference utilisation rates for all of EFTA’s 29 FTAs on the import side and 18 FTAs on the export side.

The FTA Monitor allows economic operators, policymakers and the general public to examine in detail to what extent companies make use of FTAs.

The FTA Monitor helps stakeholders by providing detailed information on duty-free trade flows, achieved versus non-achieved tariff savings, and the scope for improving the use of any specific FTA at the level of individual products. It also allows for comparisons of preference utilisation rates over time as well as across trading partners and product groups.

The EFTA FTA Monitor is available on a dedicated webpage on the EFTA website.

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