Special Joint Committee meeting - 14 January 2011

Published 14-01-2011
A special meeting of the EEA Joint Committee was held on 14 January 2011 on the disagreement over the management of a fish stock of common interest (mackerel). In the meeting the European Commission made a statement indicating that the EU was considering banning the landings of mackerel by Icelandic vessels in EU ports, in accordance with the provisions in Article 5 of Protocol 9 of the EEA Agreement.

The Icelandic representative took note of the statement made by the Commission and underlined that it was the responsibility of all four coastal states (European Union, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway) to reach an agreement on the comprehensive management of mackerel stock and to demonstrate the necessary flexibility. Furthermore, Iceland reiterated its readiness to return to the negotiating table and to contribute to finding a solution to this important issue.

In the meeting, Norway underlined the importance of finalising the negotiations as soon as possible. The lack of an agreement could lead to substantial overfishing.

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