Seminar on Decision Shaping in the EEA

Published 11-11-2005
The EFTA Secretariat organised its seminar on Decision Shaping in the EEA on Friday 11 November 2005 in Brussels. The Seminar was targeted at representatives from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway who participate in the EU's expert groups and comitology committees. The aim of the Seminar was to allow EEA EFTA experts who participate in these committees to exchange ideas and best practice concerning participation in these meetings.

The seminar was organised after a request from both the Norwegian Chairmanship of the Standing Committee in the Spring, and the Liechtenstein Chairmanship this Autumn. Overall about 40 experts participated at the seminar, ensuring  maximum turnout and a high level of interaction and debate. After explanatory presentations of the EU's committee system, veteran experts from the EEA EFTA States explained how they influence decisions in EU committees through well prepared interventions properly coordinated in capitals, good networking practices, and effective follow-up. The European Commission also presented its expectations of EEA EFTA experts at the Seminar.

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