Improve copyright management without creating administrative burdens

Published 22-02-2013
In an EEA EFTA Comment on a Commission proposal for a directive on the collective management of copyright, including licensing rights related to online music across borders, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have underlined that the provisions concerning the organisations that manage copyrights should be “less detailed”, as these create unnecessary administrative burdens.

New digital technologies are opening up great opportunities for creators, consumers and businesses. Increased demand for online access to cultural content (e.g. music, films and books) does not recognise borders or national restrictions, nor do the online services used to access them. This is where collecting societies come into play (in particular in the music sector) which collectively manage the licensing of copyright-protected music for online use on behalf of composers and text-writers, collecting and redistributing the corresponding royalties.

The EEA EFTA States support the goals put forward in the proposal, namely to secure transparency, accountability and good governance, which are the core values for rights management organisations. In this respect, the EEA EFTA States stress the importance of securing the influence of the right-holders themselves in the operation of these organisations. It is important that the provisions concerning collective management organisations are not overly detailed, however, as this creates unnecessary administrative burdens for right-holders and users, as well as generating unnecessary administrative costs.

The EEA EFTA States encourage the Commission to include the possibility for Member States to continue with Extended Collective Agreement Licenses.

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